Athletics of To-Day for Women

THE AUTIIOR'S THA1 rgs !11y best thanks are due to those sportsmen, and sportswomen, who have helped me with information and with ill•1strations for the production of this book. More especially are my thanks due to !11iss Kitty }\Iitch.ll rtho prepared the drawings, and to !11iss Florence Birchenou,!z and Jr. II. J.l!. />.1cKcclwic for their infi zit • patience in readiwr t/t(' proofs aud cl:>rking the records. I wish to ack•zawldgc also th courtc;;y of 1eFrs. Sport a11d General, London, Messrs. Schemers, Berlin, aild 1r. TValter, of TT arsa.u,for grantin" permission for the use of plntorrr 1j>lis. F. A. J1!. JrEBSTER. FRE 0., LTD. Printed iu Gre t Dntahz