Athletics of To-Day for Women

Second International Ladies' Games, 1926 7r was bright and sunny, and word had gone out to all parts of Sw den that great v nts w re taking 1lace at the 1 tt skog ground. \Vonderiul r cord had be n made already, and still more startling performances were anticipated for the closing day of the Women's ames. The first event called on was the 6o metres Flat Chanlpion– ship; and there was much eager speculation as to wh ther a meeting betw en Radideau, Haynes, and Rose Thornpson would produce a time to beat the world's r cord of 7~ secs. made by the zech girl, M jzlikova II, at Paris in rgzz. The first h at rather sugg sted that, in molova, a worthy successor had been found for th young r Mejzlikova, for the z eh lady was ftrst into her running and led the field to within tw nty yards of the tape; th n Thompson and Hitomi flashed past her, ra ing strid for stride, to br a t th tap with the Engli h girl not thr inches ahead and 1 s c . record f r both girls. (Picture 70.) The s cond heat was Mll . Radid au's race from pistol-fl sh to fini hing post, and h r time, 7 s cs., was but a fifth of a second wors than world's r cord. h t brought th er w to their f t in \ ild x it m nt, but n 1 ss thrilling v as the gr at struggl f r s ond plac , in which r bicl a, oland, just beat th ashing liHl w lish girl, undberg. In the third h at Miss Hayn s s r cl an asy vict ry ov r Sychro a, th z h hurdl r, and th tim , secs., sugg st d th prosp cts of gr at race with adi eau and Thomp on, but, good s th riti;:)h girls un oubt dly w r , the won rful tyle of the r nch lady mad h r a hot favourite in public opinion. molov sur i d th pr liminaries s the fastest third. The final ' as d lay d by thr f ls st rt , but when i.h starter did g t i.h runn rs away at th fourth ai.t mpt Ros Thompson imm diat ly show d ahead. This advantage she held to within tw lv yards of the tap , although Radideau, Haynes, Hitomi, and molova were always within striking di tance. In the last f w yards adideau produced her shatter– ing fini hing bur t, and Haynes cam through with her; both passed Thompson, and there was not half a foot between them r