Athletics of To-Day for Women

79 national Ladies' am s, the Third series of which was allotted to zecho-Slovakia for 1930, it was decided that no inter– national competition can include more than three nations; but members of a larger numb r of nationaliti s may compete tog ther in international me tings under the formal condition that no classification by nations i made. At the Fourth ongre , 11. Emil Anthoin , eo-founder with Mme. Milliat of the F. .F.I., was el ctcd a Vice- r sid nt, and Mr. J. almcr, one of th founders of the movement in ~ ngland, an honorary member, the F. .F.I. thus electing its 1r t two m m ers of honour. ermany's re- niry to the int rnational athletic arena was tined to mark a progr i e pha in history, for rmany had been ' orking hard in the y rs of h r i olation. a point of compari n th foll wing figur of ermany's b t women of 1926, wh did not omp t at oth nburg, ar full I int rest, if studi d wilh the re ult f the econd Int r– national Ladies' ames set out in the last chapter. Th se are th b st rman figures forth y ar: 100 metr s, Wittmann (Pictur s 65, 6 , and 73), 12 i" secs. ; iscus, Reut r (Pictur s l2 , 133, and 134), 125 ft. } in . ; Jav lin ( o gramm ), 1 5 ft. 11g ins. (b st h nd); High J mp, Von r d w, 4 H. 11 ins. ; ng Jum , V n r dow ( ictur s 171, 17 an 1 75), 17 ft. J ins. Th h t r ult is not giv n as the "'irls us d a light r w ight up t 1927. . Th r ar 19.. 7 wa to witne r c rd br c. king p rf rm n 111 many countri . In land I ilo owna ran 1,00 m lr in min . 22~ s cs., which has not y t b n improv d up n in that country ; in Japan Hitomi " a breaking one recor aft r an ih r, and rmany found ~diul in ladit eh impr ving fr m 13 secs. to 12 2 se . for th 100 m tres, b i s cl ring ft. o~ in. for a n w nati n 1 ong Jump rec rd. ) On t mull r r at d n w Hi h Jump flgur s f 5 ft. { - in. ; Pu h Lang ( i tur 145 t cq.) put h rth .· 4 1 il . h t 5 ft. 10 in . (b th ban ), nd in th b t hand throwing he r a h d rr4 ft. in . with th i. u , an 1IL rgu , 123ft. ~ in . (Pictnr 11 ) wi h th o gramm jav lin. Th o m tr