Athletics of To-Day for Women

====--------- 119ft. 8l ins., and Milly Reuter, 120 ft. 6~ in ., while II rgus, throwing only 110 ft. 6! ins., lo t the Javelin event to Lautemann, 122 ft. 11-fo- ins., with Fleischer placed second at 118 ft. 4 ins. It was to be proved even more conclusively in 1929 that women athletes have not as yet by any means reached the limits of their record breaking potentialitie . The English Cross-Country hampion hip was held at P rivale, and, although the trail was laid ov r a rough cours covered with ice, 99 out of 103 runn rs fini h d. Mi s tyl . won again from V. Hinton, who had be n third in 1927 and s cond in 1928, while Middle x won the team honours fron1 the Polytechnic Ladies, with roydon third. On May 13 and 14 the Women's Inter-University Champion– ships were h ld at irmingham, and d pite adverse w ther conditions and continuous show rs of hail tones the horn univ rsity placed girls in ev ry ev nt, and carried off the hallenge hield, which they had not h ld pr viou ly. he final place scores were: Birmingham 44, ottingh m r , Leeds 17, M nchester 3, ading 3, and ri tol 2. ifiss Fairley credited Birmingham with the o y r s in 2 mins. 34 4 s cs., and the 440 yards in the new r cord tim of 65 a secs. Mi s oing, Birmingham, also achiev d a d ubl , winning the roo yards in 122. secs., an th 1 Url ng in 27g secs., while Mi Timmins, inningham, won th iscus at 78 ft. o~ in. irmingham won als the elay ra . Miss J McMillan, Leeds, retaine her Lono- J urn titl , but ti d with Miss Wood, Nottingha1n, in th High Jump, nd Miss later, Nottingham, took the J av lin. The Int r-Club Championship f r the Daily Mirror Trophy was won by the Middlesex Ladi , 35 points, \ ho at 1 t de£ at d Lon on Olyrnpiades, 30 p int , wh h d h 1 th hampion hip since its inception. Mitchan1 A. ., r6 poin , wer third ; Manor Park, ro point , w re fourth; and ly- t chnic Ladies, 5 points, were fifth. In the cours of th m ting Hild IIatt m d a n w riti h o metres Hurdl s of r2g s ·. ., while :Miss f. \V ston \ as a tripl fi l