Athletics of To-Day for Women

------ -- ---~- 94 Athletics of To-day for Women Harrier girl drew level, and Manor Park were only able to win, in .g. sec. outside world's record time, through Miss Lewis producing a hitherto unsuspected turn of speed for the closing stage of 110 yards. In almost all the events we saw new champions who had been among the " also rans " of a year previously. Special note should be taken of the fi ld events performances, which, in comparison with those r turned at the German champion– ships, show that through lack of proper coaching in the past our girls are beginning to fall behind the rest of the world, even as our men have done. In the actual races at the German women's championships G lius (s en in icture 46 on Miss V\ralker's left) won the 100 metres in 12 ~ secs., and the 200 m tres in 26 secs., while Fraulein Dollinger (Picture 48), who ha reached the Olympic final at Amsterdam, took the oo metres in 2 mins. 17 2 secs., a performance which brings her into the same class as the world's record holder, Frau Radkc . Fdiulein Becker (Pictures 94, g6 and 97) ''on the 8o m tres Hurdles in 12} secs. for a new German r cord, and quailed the time returned as a British record by Miss Hatt in London, while the 186o Mtinchen lub equalled the world's 400 metres Relay record of 49 secs. A fi ld events table for the ~ nglish and German champion– ships, 19..., , which is illuminating, is given below : EVE!':T . Hi gh Jump ... Lnn g Jump .. J ax clin iscus "N LA. D. I S ft. ins. ft. 4 10 4 18 11 ~ 16 85 0 ------ 3rd ins. 8 10 3~ G · RMANY. AY .rage of I . firs t !lix . fi.. ins. ft. ins. 4 9 4 63 18 7 ' 17 7 I 25 5~ I I I f:} 1 ~3 I 14 8 The Long Jump of Fraul in Schlarp (Picture 178), a recent discovery, constjtut d a new :rcrm n record; while, in the hot Put, in' h1 h no omparis n is pos ibl in e I h ve nly