Athletics of To-Day for Women

96 Athletics of To-day for Women the Discus at rrr ft. 6~ ins., produced the best throw any British girl has y t achieved, whil 1iss Hatt failed only by a fraction of a second to equal the world's 8o metres Hurdles record (Picture 47), and Mi s hristma , who was second to Fraulein Dollinger at Boo m tr (Picture 4 ) , in returning z mins. 23~ s cs., made a fa ter time than any Briti h runn r before h r. In th Long Jump, ~ raul in rieme (Pictur 170, 177 and 179) s t up a n w German record of I ft. ins. The most inter sting athlet of that intcrnati nal mat h was Mary Miln (Pictur zoo), who fini"h third in th High Jump. This Balham schoolgirl was nly fift n years of age at the time, but had cl ared 5 ft. be£ r h w nt to G rmany. he is the youngest athlet of either x ' ho ha ver r pr sent d any country. This peculiar distinction was held previou ly by H. A. immons, the sev nt n-y ar-old outhampton school– boy, who repr nt d Gr at ritain in the rgz Olympiad, and clear d th bar at 6 ft. r;; in . at m t rdam. That both the e phenom n 1 youngst r hould b high jumper is curious, but th similarity b tw en th m not nd th r , for both attain th ir gr at h ight of 1 (. ranee by high and p culiarly strai ht-1 g ki king. Th full r ult of the fir t mat h in whi h was ver d f at d are gi n b 1 w. r at guished by a " , after the athlete's name, and the letter " , TV. R •AT IT I , 192q , Th mpson (B .), 12-.{0 secs.; hri stmas o 1E T R • I!URDL- .-1, lL t ( .) 1-fo- ~. cs.; - · I bux ( T) I 2 R e . ; J, or m 11 (T .). 1- 1 i, sN ·. L NG J uMP.-I, ri me ( .}, 18 ft . 8 ins. ; 2 , orn 11 ( .},