Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Fight for Inclusion in the Olympiads 99 I.A.A.F. and the F ..F .I., after several meetings in rgz6~ arrived at an agr ed principle to be submitt d to the Eighth Congress I.A.A.F., wh reby the F. .F.I. should conduct worn n's port by delegation from the Council of the I.A.A.F., who, in it turn, should nominate a pecial Committee to draw up technical rules. \Vith uch rules and with v ry decision of the I.A. . ~ . of a general character concerning sport the i. .li .I. "as to agree t comply, while women' port was t be organis d in every ountry by that country's members of the I.A.A.F., or by d 1 gation to the country's Women' Federation (if any), and all Fed ration or nations in I .A.A. ~. affiliation w re to b ntitled, upon requ t, to mem– b rship of the ~ . .F.I. It was add d, further, that a reque t should b preferred to th International Olympic ommitt e that there be included at th inth and sub equ nt Olympiads the following athl tic ev nt for women: roo and oo metres Flat, 4X roo metr la , High Jump, an i cu (be t hand) . Th r id nt of th oun il, 1\fr. igfrid Edstr··m ( w en), the r port of th p cial mmitt t the ~ ighth ongrc f the I. . . ~ . during its d liberations at Th Hagu Irom Augu t 5 to , rgz6, an warn d the ongr th t it had no\ efor it a matt r of the gr at t mom nt, and p inted out that refu al to p rmit worn n t camp t at th lympic w ul m an that the I. . . ~. rcfu ed al o to control th whol i ea of