Athletics of To-Day for Women

102 Athletics of To-day for Women moral qu slion to b or sid r d in conn ction wilh a world meeting including men and won1 n tog t.h r." Ther upon a controversy aros b tw en the members of Congress. r. Bergmann, G rmany, was in i tent upon accepting participation upon the t rms offered, whereas Mrs. Eliott-Lynn, Great Britain, r marked that the Ladies' Games had been a great success, that in t.he majority of countries men-and-women m tings w re avoid d, as par ni.s were adversely di pos d towards them, and that won1en had nothing to gain by participation in the g neral Olympic am . The whole matter was finally r ferred to the national federa– tions governing worn n's athletics for their con ideration. The International ommitt e met in Paris on ec mber 28, 1926, and although France, rmany, Swed n, zecho- lovakia, and oland voi. din favour of accepting the offer of the I.A.A. ., the British delegates, back d by the almost unanimous opinion of th clubs affliiat d to th W.A.A.A., voted gainst the inclusion of women's ev nts at Amst rd m