Athletics of To-Day for Women

ro4 Athletics of To-day for Women oppos d the participation of th worn n of th ir own countries spoke in favour of women's events being retain d in the Olympic programme. Two speakers' pronouncement were of distinct historical importance. Viscount Motomo, Japan, tated that in his country the interest in athletics for women wa growing rapidly, while Dr. Lamb, Canada, although oppo ed to inter– national athletic contests for worn n as a whole, and their participation in the Olympic am in p rticular, admitte that his fift en years' xperi nee of women's sport had taught him that the practice of athletics wa beneficial to women. By r6 votes to 6 the ongress decided upon the retention of women's events on the Olympic programme. The countries which voted for the motion were: Australa ia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, E thonia, ~r nee, ermany, reece, Holland, Japan, Norway, olan , ' uth Afric , w d n, witzerland, and the Unit d tat s of m rica. Those voting again t it w r : anada, •inland, r at Brit in, Hungary, Italy, nd Ir land. That matt. r b ing settl d, the to decide upon the vents to b contest d. during whi h eral p k r strongly oppos d to the m tr r c . The m tion for the full programm , put f rw rd by the '. . .I., w d feated by 14 vot s to , and the o In tres, Long Jump, hot, and ...oo m tr s " r r j t d, which 1 a e:s the events to b contest d by " om n at Los ng les in 1932 as follows : roo metres _, lat, 4X roo metres elay, o metres Hurdles, High Jump, i cus, and J a lin, a meagr ddition of one event over and abo e the numb r d cided at Am terdam in rgz8. Mean\ hile, the worn n will, of course, carry through a full progr n m of events at th hird Worn n' World Games at Pragu . ut of thi more will be said wh n ome escription has b n given of the \ om n' nts which \ er d id d at the inth Olympiad.