Athletics of To-Day for Women

r 14 Athletics of To-day for Won1en th nations was : Canada, z6 points ; U.S.A., 24 points ; Germany, I9 points ; wed n, 8 points ; Holland, 7 points ; Poland, 6 points ; Japan, 5 point ; France, 3 points ; outh Africa, 2 points ; Austria, I point ; Italy, I point. R f r ne has been made already to that part of the delibera– tions of the ~i£th ongr ss of the F ..F.I., h ld from August I to August 3 in Amsterd m, which d alt with the Olympic am s. Now we must examine some other matt rs of moment with whi h th ongress \ as one rn d . The nations repr sented at the ifth ongr s w r Ger- many, Au~ tria, lgium, ana a, U..A., "'ranee, reat ritain, r ce*, Holland*, Italy, Lu.· mb urg, oland, H.oumania*, w d n, witz rland, z cho- lo akia, and Jugo- lavia. Aflliat d countrie unable to send legat s were Arg ntine*, ~ sthonia::', J a an, atvia, and outh frica*. Thos n ti ns marked wilh a star w r grant d affiliation at the Fiith ongr s , the F .. .I~ .I. lhen ha ing 23 countri s in affiliation. It wa r parted that pr gr s was b ing made in Non ay, Hungary, and Uruguay, and that the position in Egypt wa such that a \Vom n's port Union had been er t d and that the Mini try of Public In truction was pr paring a rogramm f r 1 hysi al in truction in th schools. It \ as onfirm that the 1hird nt rnational ....adi ' would b h ld in ragu , und r th n1anagcm nt of th z cho- lovakian Women's ~ d ration, in I930, th date for the omp titions b ing s 1 et d ultimately as from ptember 6 to 8, and the follovving programme was fix o metres, IOO m tr s, 200 m tr s, oo n1 tr s, o m tres Hurdles, igh Jump, Running ong Jump, Throwing the iscu , hro ving th J lin, utting the hot, 400 metres lay (4x roo metr s), Tric~ thl n (High Jump, J v lin, and IOO m tr s). la sificalion : Indi idual v nt : I t, 5 points ; 2nd, 3 p inls ; 3rd, 2 oint ; 4th, I point. P 1 y vent : 1st, ints ; 2nd, 6 p ints ; 3rd, 3 point ; th, I p int. \\ orld's hampionshi . \ ill be h ld, al , in bas]· t-ball, hand all, and haz na, and th i. ·th ongre s of the F. .F.I. will m t during the period of the mes.