Athletics of To-Day for Women

128 Athletics of To-day for Women against the track, as she pull d herself togeth r for the final effort. Thereafter, she trav ll d incredibly fast, an , if the finish was a close on , at about 9ft. from the winning post she threw herself off her left leg (Picture 6g), striking the tape with h r right breast and sa ed herself Irom falling by her right leg. Her final u throw" aried, howev r, Irmn on to three yards according to circumstances. Miss Thomp on and Miss I aynes, upon the other hand, carried their running right through in the approved l\iussabini manner. The latter is the better styl , in my o inion, but the girl who a pir to mast r the adideau u throw " should not allow h r h ad t come back, as does the ren h hampion's, and he should practise th fini h on grass, for it i apt to re ult in many a fc: ll until the style is well mastered. Th finishing form of these three girls may be studied and compared in Pictures os. ZJ, 2 , 29 and 30 of the .fini h s of th print ra . c. t othen– burg. Mis homp on's ab olut ly corr et fini hing style is shown in icturc 70, and i r markabl for th way he i holding her form in a terrifl fmi h, whil the Japan e girl, Hitomi, ha lo t balanc in th gr at f£ rt he is n1ahnrr to snat h victory in the last stride of a terribly lose r cc. In icturc 71 raul in churin k show a correct dr p fini h, and in icture 72 Hitomi di play a well balanced jump for the tape, which i diff rent from th u thr w." In .fini hinrr n v r throw up th arm or 1 t your head g ba k as y u ar oming t th t, p . Th s are the novi ' fat, l tri k , whi h au th runner' kn es to come up too high, s that th action i eh ngcd from straight fonvard to up and down, and both pace and 1 n<Tth of stride arc thereby lost. Mll . a id au's practic £ breathino- hard all the time as she runs \ ill not suit v ry girl. Th orthod .· m thod of print-br athing may b fairly a. il ma. t r cl. T b gin with, sprint thirty yar with th lnng. w 11 flll cl aml th 1 r ath h Id, lr p t uart r mil sp 1 an 1 br a lh asily an cl r gnlarly f r th n . ·t t\ nt • y·trd '· in< r ;1 < y nr .~p cl an(1 an 1 a ti n , . you cat h a s · on 1 cl 1 br ,tth, an l sprint