Athletics of To-Day for Women

400 Metres to I ,ooo Metres 143 any other girl from superseding you. If you do not get the lead do not go on fightin.,., and, any way, do not r spond to very silly challenge that is offered you. Be satisfied with second or third po ition if the pace is to your liking ; you will thus be able to store up energy for a big fini hino- bur t. Do not let the 1 ader get too far away, and keep the stride even. The girl who i b tter at a half mile than a sprint should ke p out of the fir t fight for position. It i no good mixing things if you do not po ess the pac to hold the lead aft r you have gain d it. It is far better to ave your strength for th fight at th fini h, wh n there will be fewer contend rs for lead r hip, forth n the strong on scan come on but the weak n swill crack. To sum up the advantage of po ition: it is well tor m mb r that the pole po ition i worth at 1 a t thre or four yard t you ; on the oth r hand, the girl who h s pulled the race the whole way ha the eh nee of finding hers 1£ faced by scant and none too strong oppo ition at the finish if she has been content to stay out of the arli r struggle. I would recommend girl runn r to 1 ok upon the 400 m tr , or 440 yard , a an " xtra" rather than a a r gul r v nt. In the fir t lace th re ar n t v ry many comp titions avail- able, and, ondly, I doubt if any girl ha t mina nough t r right through a whole sea on running quarter miles at top sped. T RAIN! G o girl hould attempt to run this di tance at her be t pa e until she ha be n in te dy training for at lea t six weeks, and pr f rably f r two month . or hould a race ever be att mpt if h is th lea t bit off-c lour. Work should start gra ually and for th fir t fortnight nothing m re strenuous than half mile jog-trot run hould be und rt k n. Thi i pur ly an simply conditi ning work for the h rt, lung , and 1nu cl . In th ond fortnight printin at rro an 22 th nvi. t mu h j gging m. y lay rL in d gr f luO'gishn h s r two purpos s, th girl worl ing