Athletics of To-Day for Women

400 Metres to r,ooo Metres 147 dozen when Frau Radke brought the world's record down to 2 mins. r6! secs., as described in pages rro-rr2, and Canada finished three up in the six scoring positions. To-day world leadership in distance running has passed quite definitely from Great Britain into the hands of Germany, although we have di covered, in Miss Chri tmas (Picture 4 ), a second and a gr ater Trickey. In the 1929 match between Great Britain and ermany i raulein Dollinger fini hed fir t in 2 mins. 23 secs., but Mi s hristmas returned 2 min . 23 4 secs. for 2nd place (Picture 48), which is equal to approx– imately 2 mins. 24 secs. for the full half mile. The following compari on must however be made between the Engli h and German championships of rgzg. In the fir t ea e 88o yard is the distance run and in the second oo metres. The approximate calculations ar giv n therefore: G ERM .\ Y. 8 2 The first two 2 2 2 I!I -4f 1 88 ya:~s . .\.pprox. f1me. mins. secs. 2 I7 f. 2 21 1~J 2 2 -t- i'6