Athletics of To-Day for Women

400 Metres to r,ooo Metres 149 practice in running the quarter mile in estimated time. A good half miler should be able to t ll within a second per quarter mile the speed at which sh is travelling. The following table, as distinct from a racing schedule, is suggested as a means for learning to judge pace : Ilalf Mile in zzo yds. 440 yds. 6 yds. 83l) yds. ----- s s. mins. s s. mins. se s. mim;. s ·c . 2 mins. 26 secs. 36 37 37 36 (36) (r I 3) (I 5 ) (2 26) 2 mins. 20 secs. 34 35 3 35 (34) (r 9) (r 45) (2 2 0 ) ------ In connection with the actual running of the race there are many things to be consid red b sides those alr ady mentioned. Strategy and racing tactics enter larg ly into thi v nt, and it is not one in which a girl should lead for the whol journ y. If the pace suits her h hould be content to li about thr e yards behin a couple of 1 ader , or at any rate the 1 ad r, s that she herself doe not have to br ak the wind. y this plan, too, she will reli ve herself of the mental train of s tting the pace. ut she should not stay behind if he fin s th t having a lead r ah ad i aff cting h r own strid . If she is a strong, powerful runner, but 1 eking in sprint ability, she should try to m intain n v n p c , in whi h c e she will probably be forced to t ke th 1 a arly on. H r bject must be to s t such a pace as wHl run all the finishing sprint out of h r oppon nts. The girl who is not so strong, but do s pos ss sprinting speed, sh uld set a fast pace for the first furl ng t pull h r opponents out, and th n slow things down, if sh can k ep control, until the 66o yards mark i reached, from which point her own finishing burst should enable her to drop the steadily plugging brigade. D not try to run a waiting race unless you have really exceptional sprinting ability. o not 1 t the leader get too f r away from you, and never