Athletics of To-Day for Women

400 Metres to I,ooo Metres " L ttland's Little Nurmi" by the p ri ction of h r action and close imitation of the arm carriag f the world's greatest middle distance runner. Her free striding, bounding progr ss from foot to foot should be closely observed, the elegant forward pitch of her body, well balanced poise of head, unchecked-at– the-side elbow action, the low knee pick up, long shoot of the lower 1 g as the foot is put down ( icture 7 ), and th way in which the body swings right forward on this foot fulcrum until the rear leg is fully straightened in the essential leg drive which comes right from the toes (Picture So). Picture 7 reveals that this little lady wasted no ffort in usele s kick up of the rear heel, while Pictures 7 and o illustrate the way in which she used her arms to balance her body and aid its progress. . Miss Trickey, the great English champion, running second m Picture 78, shows good low arm carriage of the type she favoured, and is seen coming right on to the flat of the foot in the r st relaxation, which is p rmi sibl at certain stag s of a long rac . But Mile. Bellon, who b ar the numb r 2 on h r br ast and is lying third, show the not recomm nd d eh p stride in ictur 7 , but has a nice I w kne action in i ture 7 . The fmi h of the I,ooo metr s ra e at othenburg, I926, i shown in i ture 2. Miss Trick y (No. 62) displ y fin fini hing form, and Inga entzel ( o. 35) is also in good shap , but Louise ellon ( o. 2 ) is obviously cracking un r the strain of th ffort h ha made to k p on terms with th 1 ad r . Pictur 4 r veals th tr m n ou fini hing p w r f ~rau Radk , the world's and oo metre r rd hold r. The I,ooo metres is rather an awkward event for whi h to pr pare. It is n ither a half mil , nor y t a mil , f r both of which distances half a century of men's running ha t bli hed definit pr c d nts in matters of training and strat gy, but I think that th most recently ace pt d principles for mil running ar applicable to the distanc of just over I,ooo yards as it i run by women. The first thing to be considered is what is the world' L