Athletics of To-Day for Women

Hurdling world's record, her form is not perfect ; because, as shown in Picture 8, she uses too pronounced a body dip, and allows too great a margin for clearance in negotiating her obstacles. The fi et of her leading leg pa sing so high above the hurdle usually eliminates the prop r high-knee-pick-up action of the back 1 g, which should, at any rate, rise a little above hip level, according to the lat st notions of hurdling technique. There is also the question of her arm action, and while it is agreed that the left arm hould go right forward in company with the right leg, as shown in Picture , it is equally c rtain that the right arm should not be allow d to fly right to the rear, as this makes for a badly balanced position on landing, with the right shoul r dragged back as shown in Picture g, and also prevents the right arm from punching forward to h lp the l ft 1 g through for the first stride after hurdle clearance. It will be seen also from Pictures grand 92 that ychrova do not always accom– plish the r commend d chop down action of the leading leg to effect a quick landing, and so wast s a lot of time in sailing to earth aft r th hurdle has b en 1 ared. That he is capable of so doing is shown, in Pi ture 9· Th re is, howev r, one point of hurdling p rf ction reve led in Pictur , in that it shows how compl t ly ychrova ob y the hurdl r' axiom that the chin mu t always be k pt well in advance of the knee of the 1 ading 1 g. In Picture 9 Louis Laloz, wh i 1 ading, hows a fin tep– over action without too mu h dy dip ; and Mi \Vhite, n ar st the cam ra, a ni kn lift as h ri s t th hurdle. Pictures gr and z re not bl f r th of Hilda excell nt hurdl action, an 1in a h th arm balanc hould b parti ularly not d, an ially th p int in i tur r that this gr at ngli h girl do s n t allow h r right h nd to c me back of th hip, an thi p int hould b ompar d with the arm acti n of ychr va in Pi tur ti 1 th qu n of 1 ading 1 g a ti n, nd h w that, fr m the fulll g stret h in i tur r, th h 1 clown i comm ne d in i tur 92, and carri d n in i tnr (of Mi. Whit ) for th foot- 1 s -t hurcll I. ncling. Th r i on oth r thing t b. rv