Athletics of To-Day for Women

4 Athletics of To-day for Women (Picture 176). It is, indeed, not too much to say that Mrs. Cornell, in point of technique, is a better exponent of the long jumper's art than any male athlete to-day competing in England. The disadvantages of women taking part in athletic are, I honestly believe, far more apparent than real. That th y d so participate is at present till omething f a nov lty, and anything that is new will be oppo ed for that reason, if for n other. In any case, I con ider that the benefit to deriv d far outweighs any disadvantage which may have t be f c d. Athletics are no more str nuous than any of h If-a-dozen games which women play, but I uppos th r are people still living who can r m mb r when croquet was the only game con idered fit for the fair se.·. I am afraid that I to th pinion that lympiad. n tering into hi life Mo t m n, I an1 hoot an fi h with