Athletics of To-Day for Women

Hurdling point ( vi ' of xp di ncy. The m n' high hurdling style lis for the thigh f the leading leg rising to me t the chest, against which it oft n strikes, pecially in practic , with considerable force. Thi obviously is not a suitable style for women, since a breast bruise may turn to cancer. The style, moreover, was d signed to enable a n1an to clear an obstacle of consid rable height, having regard to the spe d at whi h he runs. But the wmnen's hurdl is a full foot lower, and whereas I agree that it would be necessary for them to dip to the full extent in taking even a 3ft. fence I am fully convinced that no such con1pl t body dip is needed for th clearanc of a 2ft. 6 in. obstacle. I would, inde d, go furth rand maintain that a full dip, such as ychro a us d, is a hindrance over hurdl s of th standardised patt rn. ychro a was a strong r athlet and a speedier sprinter than any of the girls who have come to the gam in the last few y ars, and I beli ve that the z eh girl, prop rly coached, would ha 1nade an v n more wond rf ul r cord than that of