Athletics of To-Day for Women

l'L 21. HURDLERS, SECOND WORLD GAME.S, GOTHE.NBURG, 1926. 88. L. SYCHROVA, Czecho-Slovakian and world's record holder, 80 metres Hurdles. 89. KNEE PICK-UP FOR LANDING. Sychrova shows good form, except for the shoulder twist which has upset her balance slightly. 90. HEAT 11. Laloz, France, leading.from:_White, G.B., by whom she was beaten. 91. HEAT I. Sychrova, Czecho-Slovakia, winning from Hatt,1G.B. 92. HEAT I. An instant later: clearing same hurdles as ~een in 91. 93. THE FINAL. Sychrova leading from White, Hall, and Laloz.