Athletics of To-Day for Women

Relay Racing 173 to the outgoing runner. Judges are stationed at either line of the exchange area to see that the change over is properly effected. The same relay team must comp te right through a contest. That is to say, the same four girls that run in the heats must also comprise the team for the final. Each girl must, of course, run her full relay di t nee, or, in other w rd , she must not go back over the r ar t n yard lin to tak over from an incoming girl, who appear to b flagging. The positions of the teams on the track are drawn by lot, as to station , but the team captain may run her girl in any ord r she wishes. In order that accidents may b avoided it is most necessary that girls handing over should be taught to keep on in a straight course, after they have deliv red the baton, until all the com– peting team h ve compl te their particular relay. s the last b nd in the track is tak n a h girl, including the runner who i leading, hould continue in the lan whi h h r t am drew at the start of th contest, and should stay in that lane until th finishing post is passed. The actual techniqu f running various di tan will be found in arlier chapt rs, o that \ hapter only with th actual t chniqu f If the whol ra is not to b run in should be a fast on , o that y u m y cur for yourself and your team th favourable insid berth n xt th pol . In el y acing even the print r ne ds to e a go d judge of pac , on account of th un v n distanc s which hav to be cov r d, but more sp cially on th un v n starts whi h n u up n the fir t l v 1 start, but thi ppr ciation of pa n built up only by timing variou furl ng an qu, rt r in training. h mo t frequ nt. eau f l y a b ing 1 t i th t a nervy runn r find h r lf on id r bly in arr r wh n th baton i pa to h r nd, in h ran. i t.y t mak g od, t ff at f r to gr at p d to c t h th girl \ ho ar ah h r. It i far better to relax a little and to conserve one's nergy for a fa t fini h than to attempt to clo e the gap at once. lway r m mb r that if y u r du y nr 1p n nt's l ._ d y u h( v