Athletics of To-Day for Women

178 Athletics of To-day for Women u ually r sult in the outgoing runn r turning her shoulders and looking back, as Mi Haynes i doing in Picture 102. The hand are then disposed as se n in Fig. 6. A safer plan, generally used by the Americans, is for the receiver to crook her right arm at the elbow as hown in Fig. J, when the wrist is bent and the knuckles of the middle joints of the fingers come level with the hip. In this style the baton can be put straight into th hand, with littl chance of its b ing dr pp d, and, sin e the houlders r main square to the front during th xchang , the outgoing runner i well F1c. 6 FIG. 7 placed for immediate sprint action, becau e the hand r c iving the baton c n S\ ing traight through to th front with th fir t running tride of th left 1 g. But, which r tyle is us d, r m mb r that tlze girl receivina the baton mu t let the other girl put it into her hand ; on no account nut t she natch it. Th r ar differences of opinion al o r garding th ide from v hi h the xchange should be m de. ome coach s like to have their t ams run always in th same ord r, in which ea the first girl starts with the bat n, ay, in her right hand, comes in on th left of the next runner, and puts th baton into th outgoing girl's 1 ft hand. No. 2 r tain the baton in her 1 ft, and corn sin on o. 3's right id , so that o. 3 tak s the baton in h r right hand in which sh retains it ; h , in h r turn, corn s in on i.he 1 ft of o. 4 and places th baton in h r 1 ft hand. The th ory is that this plan ave each of th first three girl from changing the baton from han to han s h run , and