Athletics of To-Day for Women

Relay Racing The three styl s in vogu ar se n in ~ ig. b low. . r is th best position from tl print r' point o£ vi w, becau e it allows of th three middle fingers and the thumb being placed upon the ground in, very nearly, the orthodox tripod spread. For this baton grip, howev r, the runner needs long fingers and a very powerful grip b tween th -. roots of the thumb and forefinger; otherwise it will b found hard to retain the baton in position. FIO. 8 No. 2 provides the safest method of gripping the baton, upon which the fingers lose automatically as the h nds ar lifte from th track. It i not altog ther a good position, becaus only the first and little fing rs mak contact with the track, and, therefore, the 1 ft hand can provide but littl support to the athlet . Thi mak for an ill-balanced o ition nd oft n results in a fall to the left as th start is made. I think the grip suggested by o. 3 is the one that should be giv n the longest trial, because it llows the two c ntr fingers and the thumb to giv a fair fing r support to the w ight of the body in th formation of a tripod, while the under-curl first finger, combin d with the pr s ure at the fork between the thumb and first fing r, afford an adequat grip upon the baton. As the start is made a firm grip should be taken of the baton, otherwise th vigour of the arm swing may caus it to fly out of the h nd. imilarly when a girl receives the baton from another she must consolidate her grip upon it as the arm wings forward. H re ar a few hint . The outgoing runner, gen rally spe king, hould start running lowly when the incoming runner is about five yards aw y. he must come to you, but never allow her to overlap. The outgoing girl shoul run her