Athletics of To-Day for Women

r84 Athletics of To-day for Women wit.h Lady Heath's contention that u qui k walking unnatural " and that u it is difficult." Th late am Mussabini always said u there can be no two opinions as to the style needed for very fast walking being more acquired than natural." The only real resemblance between natural walking and spe d walking is that both call for the same foot action, and the definition of the action is that it call for one foot to be always upon the ground. Th whole process of peed walking is, I think, epitomised in the accompanying illustrations, especially Pictures rro and 112, which show the beginning and the ending of a strid . The main danger to women is that the stride required is, with very few exception , beyond their compas . In conse– quence a too great strain i imposed in the act of bringing through the back l g. Th hip forms th axi of the swing, which mu t come from the middle of the back and right through the hould r . The two points are m nt.ioned cially; length of tride i absolut ly n c ary for th production of a high p d in walking, and to g t length of tri th arm-work i carri d right up acro th br a t, as hown in t.he thr accompanying pictur of Mi s ro 1 y, and b om s terribly xacting. Th r ad r will no doubt hav notic d alr ady one mark d point of diff rence b tw n walking and running, in th t th body-carri g of th \ alk r i v ry n arly upright. Anoth r point w ll br ught out by Mi r 1 y' pi tur i th \ ay in whi h th flat f th f t g fon ar par ll l to th ground in mid- trid ( i tur rrr), ' hil th to ri up and th h 1 g d wn t th nd f a str ight n d 1 g t th ompl tion of th strid . Oth r f atur of rac walking brought ut ar th compl te locking of th straight n d back 1 g in ictur s rro nd III, and th dir et driv from th to f the r ar 1 g, also traight n d right out, in ictur 112, tog ther with the arm action which i in ompl t cone rt with the action of the legs. The fair walk r always lock her kn s compl tely at th nd of ach strid , as n in ictur rrr (re r l g lock),