Athletics of To-Day for Women

186 Athletics of To-day for Women schedule should be based upon the principle of work at half, then at three-quarter peed for the first two or three weeks. At this stage concentrate upon the arm-swing action; and, to improve your muscles, carry a dumb-bell of not more than half a pound in weight in each hand. At the nd of a month commence really fast walking at 1 s than your race distance, and only very occa ionally take a fast spin ov r the full course. In walking, have th head and body upright at the end of th stride (sec Picture rrz), but pitch the body slightly forward as the stride i being made ( ee Pictures rro and rrr). Try to build up a good winging styl , in which each arm in turn rises acro s the eh st in a really powerful drive. Thi action is well exemplified by Mi s ro ley in the illustrations. Her hands might po sibly be a little better and the arm action somewhat dos r, because the best of the m n walkers only r gard style as perf ction when the hand of the raised arm almost touches the oppo ite boulder on the upward wing. This upward S\ ing should be completed a th other hand fall to a position in rear of th hip. Oth r point of p rf ction ar to b found in an r et carriag , an arm wing which bring the rai d arm v ry n arly quarely a ro s th eh st, and a fair h el-and-toe gait in which hip-rolling i r due d to a minimum. A in all di tance ev nt , the girl who d ir ucc mu t be a good judge of pace. In actual ompetition it i be t to sprint at the tart so that on may secur the pole position if po sible. But wh n you have found your place in the string of com– petitor w nding round the track, ettle down to walk to your own pr cone iv d tim eh dui , but train that you can produc a oo yards finishing print wh nit i n d d.