Athletics of To-Day for Women

8 Athletics of To-day for Women her inter st in tho e ports and pastimes whi h she is likely to follow later on. It is worth while to m ntion that since the Women's Amateur Athletic Association of England was formed in rg22 there has not been recorded a single ea e of injury or strain, except among such girl a have wilfully ignored or broken the fundam ntal rul s of training. On th other hand, the numb r of girls who have improved in b th app aran e and physical fitnes provid incontrovertible testimony to the excellent work which i b ing done by the gov rning body of women's athletics in ngland. Th same state of thing obtains, happily, in every other part of the world where girl foregather to enjoy the pl asure of training and the thrill of competitive athletics. There is just on other matter which may b u fully d alt with b fore this chapt r nd . It i th mazing ad.. ptability of most girl thlet s. In th pac of a qu rt r f a c ntury of active participation in athl tic port I think I h v d riv d even mor pl a ur from my fun tions a an mat ur coa h than from th ctu 1 winning of c nt t my lf; but I mu t say that wh n I fir t und rt ok th coaching f ertain Engli h field v nt girl in ugu t, I 22, I wa arnaz t th ir quick– ness of p re ption and p w r f imitati n. T thi tate of thing a much gr at r coach ha b rn witn , for I w ll r m mb r that in rg25, ' h n th lat m Mu bini, that doyen of ngli h in tructor , h harg of h anadian l dy runner , whil I " , in tru ting th fi ld nts girl , h ask d m on day if I did not gr that worn n v r far mor asy to t ach than ar m n, n I admit th t I agr d with him whol -h art dly. To u it app ar all the n c ssary attribut of int lligent int r t, the will to succ d, patience, p r e r ne , phy ical an m ntal ontrol, and a just sens of timing nd rhythm. They w r inn t tylists to their fing r-tips. Th f et of th matter is th t, where a man soon gets tired of doing the same thing over and over again, without at fir t g tting v ry much result for his some-