Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Discus 211 The finish of the reverse, which does not tale place until the discus has left the hand, is well shown in Picture 141 by the Canadian champion, Jean Godson, whom I taught to throw when she wa in England with the anadian Ladies' International T am in 1925. It is the right leg which now provides the resistance, to prevent the thrower from fouling FIG. 28 FJG. 29 FJG, 30 FIG. 31 FIG. J Z FIG. 33 FIG. 34 y foll wing th is us f th ircl , an gain, th squar n s of th hould r and the count rbalanc of the 1 ft 1 g swing should b r mark ~igur s z6 t 34 inclusiv hav b n drawn to how how the s quenc of turning and throwing acti n is r veal by cin m togra hy and tr~ n. lat y th < rtist. Th girl por– tray did not use the above-the-head styl of pr liminary