Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Discus 213 until the right hand comes opposite t , or even strikes, the left shoulder, as shown in Picture 13 . (6) From the moment the left foot is put down in the throwing position a straight line should be preserved from the left shoulder to the hand controlling the discus, until the discus is right off the right shoulder as shown in Picture 133. From that point the arm completes the throw. (7) The discus flies with lower angle than the shot or javelin. The correct angle of flight is one of 30°. ( ) Throw the discus higher if the wind is behind you, lower if the wind is against you. (g) Hold the cross-leg position shown by Fraulein Fleischer in Picture 13 as long as possible, then carry out the reverse by shifting the right foot quickly to the forward edge of the circle, as the left leg swings free to the rear. (Picture 141.) (10) Close the thumb and forefinger with a squeezing action as the discus leaves the hand. This gives the missile greater spin. (11) Follow the discus out with the eyes, right hand, and should r; keep the left shoulder well up. (Picture 140.) (12) Keep the hand and discus as far out from the body as possible; never let th upper surface of the discus get away from the forearm by bending the hand back at the wrist. Th discus should be slung round the body and upwards from hip 1 vel. If you let th discus get clos in to the thigh pr paratory to delivering the throw it will go too high and t t ply into th air nd will wobbl in flight.