Athletics of To-Day for Women

216 Athletics of To-day for Women prohibited. After the shot has landed, but not before, the athlete must, from a standing position, quit the circle by the rear half. The first thing the shot putting girl has to learn is how to dispose the shot in her hand. Th r are two standard methods. If the girl has a hand and wrist strong enough to bear the weight, the shot should be pitched w 11 up on the three middle fingers and the thumb and little finger plac d at the sides to keep the shot in position. This styl i w 11 shown in Pictures rso and rsr of Miss Godbold and Mis Me onald, U..A., but is perhaps even more perfe tly displayed by raulein Jungkunz in Picture I53· A girl who hand is not so strong should adopt the" shot-in-th -palm "position to begin with, although it does not lend itself to th final wrist and finger flick in the delivery. This style is hown in Picture 155 of Mll . Teitelbaum, Esthonia. Generally speaking, weight, height, pe d, and nervous energy are the qualiti s that make a shot putter ; but that it is not altogether nee s ary to have the build hown in our pictur s by El a v nsson (Pictur r6r and r65), r ta Heublin (Pictur s r6o, r66, r67 and r6 ), R na McDon ld (Pictures rsr and r6 ), or J an God on (Pictur 141) is prov d by th success of the comparatively slim I onop cka (Pictur r64), and her r ally light countrywoman, Kobi 1 ka ( icture rsg). On the oth r hand, weight and h ight will avail th girl but little if he lack th ability to " g t b hind th shot," and to coupl up h r tr ngth with p d nd co– ordination of effort. Th n, again, th shot putt r mu t n t 1 ok for anything like arly ucc . That om only, as rul , aft r a g o many y ar of omp tition. The facti that th hot putting girl must ke p v rla tingly at it, until she ha got the wh 1 thing down pat and has made v ry volution a matt r of second nature. If you are going to make good as a shot putter, or discus or javelin throw r you must be po se sed of an endless stor of patience and the sort of t mp rament that does not knuckle under to oft-rep at d di appointment .