Athletics of To-Day for Women

Putting the Shot same position, with the back foot plac d at right angles to, and across, the line of direction; Miss odbold has the lbow of her putting arm too low, but Miss McDonald shows an ideal position. Both athletes, however, and also those in Pictures 152 and 154, have the free arm extended forwards and upwards at an angle of about 45°. The disadvantage of thus throwing the free arm forward and upwards at full extension is that the body is pitched backwards and its full weight thrown upon the rear leg, which is flexed at the knee in a semi-crouch position. This, of course, provides a close imitation of the position from which the shot is put at the nd of the glide, but it is not a starting position which 1nakes for speed in the cross-circle gliding action ; for it is a strain d position, from which it is not easy to spring quickly forward. Now compare the body positions already di cus ed with the easy poise of Fraulein Jungkunz in Picture I53· Note the slight forward lean, the way the shot is tucked into th hollow of the shoulder below the ear and line of jaw, and, mor especially, note how directly the elbow is kept in line b hind th hot. We will assume that the put is to be made with the right hand. In that case the right foot is placed acros th lin at th rear of the circle ( r in ig. 35). Wh n the girl i w 11 balanced he lets the weight of her body go forw rd, k ping th right elbow w 11 up behind the shot, and at th me time wings the left leg and left arm to th r r, th 1 ft l g passing behind the right and the left arm swinging cross the front of the body. (Picture 153.) Note that the h ad is held c ntrally to the column of the body. This r ar swing is trans– po d into a forward glide as shown in icture rs of raul in rkaus. ompare the Au trian girl's fr leg " ing with th more cramped movement of Mme. Morris in Pictur I57· The renchwoman, putting left-handed, used the bent 1 ft kn e stance and stiff extension of the right arm, the Austrian girl the easily relaxed starting position of Fraulein Jungkunz, which is so strongly recomm nded. N te also th t raulein rkaus ke ps her l ft knee slightly fie d during the