Athletics of To-Day for Women

Putting the Shot 221 the head and left arm are aiding the whole action, while the left leg is straightening out for the final snap, and the stiffening, with locked knee, which will enable it to form a point of resistance for the support of the final heave. The drive which is coming from the ball and afterwards the toes of the right foot is also worthy of study. Note one further point. As the shoulders are twisted from right to left the right elbow 11Htst be pressed up. In Pictures 164 and 165 Halinaa Konopacka and Eisa vcnsson both show good left leg stiffening up action and powerful right leg drive, but th Polish girl has the b tter st.yl , although lacking her old opponent's w ight, in that he ha not dropp d her left shoulder a the w dish girl is doing. In both ea es note the head guidance and control, and the way the lbow is kept up and in rear of the shot, and that the thr e middle fingers of the hand are employed to give the final propulsion to the mis ile. Picture 166 of Fraulein Heublin, th world's record holder, is in some re pects one of the finest pictur s of shot putting d livery that ha ever b en tak n. The walk attitud of the 1 gs is perf et. W e how h get her power by a terrific, traight, right 1 g dri nd, a omp n ation, an ually firm, traight, 1 ft I g resi tanc . Ev ry inch of her right ide is at full stretch, with the drive trav lling right through her from the tip of the to s of h r right foot, up through th right side, and out through th arm to the fin r which giv th shot th fin 1 fli k. t. p ially th fin 1 c ntributi n t th ffort whi h i coming from th thr middl fing r f the right hand. Th only po ible criticism i that h has dropped h r 1 ft should r ju t a trifle, and, by th t trifle, i robbing her d livery of it full pow r. Th continuation of th tup nd us driv -out f re is s n in i tur I 7, wh r H ublin ha f llow th right h nd an i pr ing th right sh uid r w 11 up and aft r th h t t support th put. t th maint in d tr ightn ss f th I gs and th c mp n tory b 1 n ti n f th h d, I ft rm, and lift 1 ft h ull r. t als th