Athletics of To-Day for Women

Putting the Shot 225 will get the simultaneous foot landing shown in Picture r62, instead of the " One-two, right-left" orrect landing shown in Picture rsg. Do not aim to make this first hop, which lands your right foot at Rz, too fast; the speed should come in the shoulder twist, when the left foot is stamped down at Lz. As the right foot lands at Rz sink the right knee, lift the left leg a trifle high, by picking the left foot up sideways, but without raising the left knee, and turn the shoulders well to the right. Then place the left foot down at Lz and pu h the body forward from the right 1 g; turn the shoulders from right to left and straighten out the legs. When you have mastered the standing put and the glide, separately, begin to knit the two together into one complete cumulative evolution. racti e slowly for both sp ed and accuracy, and strong putting will corn the more quickly. Remember to keep the head well up. If you drop your head you are bound to rob the hot of dist nee in flight, and always e that the putting hand follow the lin of the jaw in making the delivery. If the hand travel b low th jaw lin the sh t will not be giv n enough elevation; if it travels abov the jaw line the shot will go too high and waste, in ri ing, th momentum it should be expending in going forward as well as up. It is a good plan to use a 6lb. shot in arly training, then an lb. shot lat r on, and finally the full international weight mi ile of 4 kg . (approximately lb.).