Athletics of To-Day for Women

12 Athletics of To-day for Women was the Vienna Association Football Club (W.A.F.) ; later on the Danubia Wmnen's Swimming Club founded an athletic section, and both clubs promoted athletic events for women in the same year. On July 27th, rgr8, the first Austrian Women's Champion– ships were held, and, for the sake of comparison, the results are given side by side with those of rgzg : 1918. 1929. mins . secs. mins. secs. roo metres ... 14 I 2 1 ~ 0 - 200 metres ... 27! 400 metres ... 10 8oo metres ... 2 39 t 8o metr s Hurdles ... 13 -rli 4XIO metres Relay I 7~ ft. ins. f1.. in . High Jump ... 3 s 4 7 ~ Long Jump ... 13 3~ 16 I 1_!1~ Discus (2 kgs .) ss 5 (1 kg.) II8 4~j Shot (S kgs .) 22 4 (.+ kgs .) 38 0 Jav lin (Go grs .) IOI o1 In the same year the W.A. "'. sent a team to udapest on a propaganda mission to the Hungarians, and in rgrg the Danubia team took part in a women's athletic me ting at Munich. Austrian interest in women's athletics was now fully alive, and numerous clubs b gan to form sections. The first international events held in Austria took place in eptem– ber, rgzo, the occasion being a mixed match b tween Berlin and Vienna, in which three women's v nts were included. The German girls took the roo metr s in 13 2 secs. and the Long Jump at r6 ft. zt ins. ; the Di cus going to Austria at 6g ft. zt ins. Berlin won the match, but in the following y ar were b aten on th ir own soil by Vienna, all the women's events being won by Viennese girls. In rgzz Austria met Czecho- lovakia, but the Czech girls proved altogether too good for them. After that Austria's int rnational athletic relations were rather u set by the