Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Running Long Jump 2 37 at its maximum when you jump. If too long your speed will have begun to flag. (z) The strid is shortened or length ned to enable the foot to strike the take-off board. (3) The heel is not grounded b hind th take-off board for ~he spring. The body angle i not corr et at tak -off. The Jumping leg i not fully straighten d out to finish off the spring. The forward swing of the leading (fr ) leg i not strong nough. The jumping 1 g i not allowed to hang. The head is dropp d back. The legs ar not widely enough separated in the hitch– kick. This should come from the top of the thighs and not from the kn alon . (4) The athlete do not ri e high nough into the air. Remember that the body hould r tain the am running angle used in printing, if a p rf et t ke-off is to be made. The body must straight n up for th hitch-kick, and you mu t help to lift your body by the full use of your houlders. o plenty of actual print training with the printers. Do your actual jumping pr ctic v ry other d y, train with the sprinters on intermediate days, rest Frid y in each week, and always rest for three days b fore a competition.