Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Standing Jumps the programme of the Third Women's World Games to be held at Prague in September, 1930, for the world's standard has now reached the very high figure of 7 ft. 10 ins. Kinuye Hitomi is said to have jumped 8 ft. 6 fo- ins., but that record never went on the books, and the official world's record of ft. 5-rlr ins. has been held by Miss B. C. Holliday, Great Britain, ince 1927. The American record of 8 ft. 3! ins. is held by Camille abie. There i also the merican Coil giate record of 8 ft. t ins. by M. Reiper, which has never been accepted officially by the A. .U. or F..F.I. In the tanding Long Jump the jump is mad from a joi t of wood sunk flush with the ground and called the take-off board. This board is 4 ft. in length, ins. wide, and 4 in . deep. The comp titor is allowed to place her feet in any position she may choose, and he may rock backwards and forwards, lifting the he 1 and the to s in turn, but her feet must leave the ground ntirely only once in making her att mpt. If the feet are lift d from th ground twice, or two prings are mad , this counts a a trial jump, without res lt. In other words it is a ((no jump." A foot may not be lid long the gr und. Th v nt i one whi h v ry irl with a n rm 1 am nnt of curio ity ha t.ri d at omc tim or other (( ju t for the fun of it," but it requires a good d 1 of serious tr ining and practice to b corn a g od tanding long jumper, and it call for the x rei of n sm 11 amount of s If-control and body-control int th bargain. p rticular type of athl tic build is call d f r, inc t 11 lim girl and hort tocky one m t. a hi v qually good r sult . Th one ntial ass t is leaping power, and, incid ntally, the tanding Jumps provide fine training f r hot putters. The girl taking up this p rt houll hav h r h fitt. d with hort spike , for long pik s arc hindrance r, th r th n a help. inc it is 1 aping w r, mbin with a g d al f bodily str ngth, whi h i n d t tt in ucc , it follows thL t a g l 1 f f irly stiff gymn, li work 1ring the wint r m nth is < n imp rt< 11 t a t in pr 'liminary tr, ining.