Athletics of To-Day for Women

242 Athletics of To-day for Women at th sam tim , reaching th ir hin-h st point ab v the head ( e Fig . 39 to 42). The low r part of th legs swing back from the knees ( ee -1ig. 43), the kn s b ing k pt well bent as the chest is rais d and the h ad pre s d well back on the neck, with chin up (see also Picture I 6 of amille abie). The knees are now brought forward and up, as shown by Kinuye Hitomi in Picture I 7, and b fore the feet can touch the ground the legs are thrust out in front as far as possible. ( ee Fig. 44.) Thi bring about a landing in which it appears certain that the athl te must nd by sitting d wn backwards in the sand-pit (see 'ig. 45), but this he ves herself from doing by a pow r£ul f rwar l swing of b th arm , as shown in ig. 46. Car ful not should b tak n of th body manag ment during the jump. As s n in Figs. 4I and 42, the body i leaning so far forward at the in tant of take-off that the girl would fall fiat on her face if he did not introduce th forward arm swing into the effort. Thi 1 an bring the weight w 11 n to the feet, which are thus nabl d to dri the body forward and upwards with the great st amount of pu h-of£ to id the spring. You will add con id rably to th 1 ngth I your jump by remem– b ring to thr w the arms back and outwards wh n you ar at th highe t point in your jump-effort, and to fling th chest out ju tat the instant th arm ar carried backwards. Alway fill your lungs with a d p br ath as you rai e th arms in pr paration for th jump. THE TA DING HIGH J MP The tanding High Jump requires the s me sort of prepara– tory training a that sugg ted for th tanding ong Jump. Thi vent has nev r y t b en competed for at th Women' \Vorld am s, but non th 1 ss the world's standard h r eh d th c mparativ ly high figur of 3 ft. 7~ in . Th \ orld' r cord of 3 ft. 170 in . i h ld by 111 . upuis, f r n . h standing high jump r r quir s on ntrati n nd y-e ntr 1 than d p w r of ding long