Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Running High Jump 247 y the old rule, once a girl h d commenc d jumping, sh was compelled to jump at each succe ding height ; but a m t sensible rule, which will no doubt apply to women's comp ti– tions, has be n pas ed recently by th I.A.A.F. It provides that a competitor may commence jumping at any height abov the minimum and may jump at such subs quent heights as she pleases, until eliminated by three failures at any one height. But, having failed three tim s at height, he cannot !aim t jump at any lesser h ight. she may have I t d not to att mpt. A fair jump i one in which the h a of the athlete doe not cro s th bar b fore the f t, and t.h h ad i not allowed t. drop below the 1 v I of the buttock . There is, I fancy, littl eh nee at present of any girl contravening this rule, becau I have e n only one girl high jumper who put into practic the first fundamental principle of high jumping, which is that of getting the he vy h a and shoulder down to the centr of gravity by m n of s m form of lay-out; that was Mlle. ]. Laudr , th r nch r c rd hold r,' houses the Eastern cut-off tyle. Most girl jump in the old-fa hioned sci rs styl , which i hown in good form by Lady H ath, former world' re or holder, in Pictur I I to I 4· It i bee us this antiquate form has per i t long that worn n' high jumping may b r garded as b ing till in it infancy, although uch good result hav been alr ady obtain d. In th ci ors tyl of jumping th run, with 1 ng 1 stic trid , i m d from th id . L ft-foot jump rs appro eh th bar from th right and right-fo ted jump r run from the left, o that th ring i mad fr m th f t f- rthe t from the bar. h run, f from ev n to ten y rd , h uld n t b too fa t, but well-control! d n with the athlete l aning a littl forw rd. he trid hould be mooth and regular. he take-off hould b a l e to th bar a pos ible ; otherwise you will wast trength and pring in thrO\ ing your body forward as well a up; an , c n qu ntly, you will h v to j urnp high r to n gotiat th bar. Th l t two trid s of the run up may b hort ne a littl , and light rou h t this R