Athletics of To-Day for Women

250 Athletics of To-day for Women This turn and bend back over the bar gets all the heavy parts down and allows the hip to come up, so that instead of the jumper's seat removing the bar, the body i curved round the lath with the concavity of the tomach toward it. The turning mov m nt is omplet d b' w eping the jumping leg (in Mlle. Laudr''s ea e th right) ba kward acro s the bar, until the right 1 g catche up th left. Th right leg having then finished its work, the left leg takes up and continu s the action. At this in tant th right foot i dropped toward th and-pit forth landing and th left 1 g complet the turning movement with a iol nt ba k heel kick; at th sam tim , th arms ar flung high abo e th head, for th purpose of hollowing the back and drawing the eh t and chin away from the bar, which the r t of th body has negotiat d safely. It will help you to mast r thi turning movement if you can g t an amiable and pati nt friend to tand at th pot from which you comm ne your approach run. he should watch you carefully, and just as she ees that you are about to gain th central position over the ar (see Picture 57, I93, Ig6, I and 20I) she should shout " OW! " and you should try to turn your v hol b dy (not only y ur head) to s v hat sh i doing, and you shoul be abl to tell her wh n you have landed what g ture sh made. The only di advantage about thi particular aid i that it i apt to g t your hea up, instead of keeping it down t aid the ri of th hip , as Mll . Laudre i seen doing in i tur 204. v n b tter r ult an b obt in in the Eastern ut-off tyle ( ~ ig. 47). In thi styl th run i made from directly in front, or on a light urv from in fr nt, and the pring will b mad , t p t fr m 4 It. to 4i ft. in fr nt of th bar. It is s t in n th cur , a thi ring y ur i half t rned the r, n o you b in th jump n ar r t your work. i tur I 7 of ~ lvir ter on, U. .A., a form r world' r cord holder, hows th jump in progr in this tyl . Th run-up hould comm ne about 24 ft. back from the tak - ff pot, which hould b m rk d, and th r hould be ~ 1 a eh ck mark I2 ft. ba k from the tak -off. If you use