Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Growth of Women's Athletics 15 2I8 ft. It in. for both hands, by throwing I27 ft. II! ins. right hand and go ft. I -fo- in. left hand. She holds also the Polish 4 kilos Both Hands Shot Putting record of 63 ft. 4g ins. (right hand, 34 ft. I ins., and left hand, 29 ft. 2~ ins.). he is, further, a fine runner, jumper, and javelin thrower. In I930 Mile. Konopacka was honoured as a national heroine, and the Polish Cabinet attended the ceremony at which she was presented with a commemoration cup and diploma. Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and Norway were among the arliest of the European nation to adopt the new cult after the reat \Var, and, in the Far East, Japan also founded a general Athl tic A sociation. Norway, however, eems soon to have lost interest, since it was not until I92 that a committee was et up, pos ibly with a view to organi ing a women's section of the team for the general Olympiad of that year, but by I92 ry little progre s had b en made. witzerland, started off ry well by s nding sev n girls to take part in the first Ladies' Int rnational Games, at aris, I 22. Mll . L. ro liinond in I923 made a world's r ord (both hand aggr gate) with the o gramm s jav lin at Pari of I54 ft. 7 ins., which she improved in London a year lat r to I56 ft. o in., whil h r untryv oman, Mll . Pianzola, wa als a r cord bre k r in th same vent. The F'd'rati n p rtiv F'minin ui se n longer in . i t ne , I am told, nd no records app ar to be available inc I 24. The ctione eminine rania, dir cted by Mr. all, i , m nwhil , doing fine propagand worl, and it i hop d that th national a o iation will b r viv d in the n ar futur . rmany may claim, p rhaps, a long r history in women's athl ti s than any th r nati n exc pt m rica. As long ago a I904 th r w r athletic cornp titi ns for ' om n in that untry, but th y w re uite c.·c ptional ccasions. It was ffi ially r quir aft r th r t \V r, in the y ar I I , that th iit eh p rt hord fur i ht. thl tik, a rrnany' athl tic v rning b dy i tyl 1, h ul f rm a worn n' and girls' cti n. }r 111 that y, r 11\ arl th int r st in I male athl ti s in r as l v ry rapi lly. In I r \ m n' s cti n