Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Running High Jump 251 the absolut ly straight approach run you should get your jumping foot on to the check mark in three long springy strides; if you use the curve approach you will probably take four trides, which means making th fir t stride with the opposite foot, since it is the jumping foot which must fall upon the check mark. From the che k mark, in either case, four more long, mooth strides, with plenty of spring in them, Sand Pit Ar- ------ ---------..,o I I f. L1t:..'J,~ I '' I I \ I I \ I I I \ I I I \ I l.m~ oF ,_, ol Pit~ ««U«VU«<<<=<t<ad"'awUu««««< >au«a«U<&'<Wbh ~hi••'J I HI'- ' it< I 1 I ', \ : I I I ', \ I I I I ', \ I I I I , \ I I I I ",, I I 1 FL-------~G Lft.Ff,.~: eL----------- --- ---Jc F1o. 47 Q l ~ EASTERN CUT-OFF STYLE hould carry you corr ctly on to your take-off mark. Th run mu t b hort n d or 1 ngth n d ac or ing to how you hit th s marl· . h length f run nd th numb r of stri r quired ari . , naturally, with th individu 1. In -i ig. 47 th squar D r pr nt th 11 v bl limit of tak -off and le. nding. i th positi n f 1 ft f ot tak -off and th point f 1 ft f t 1 nding. Remember you must alway land on the ame foot from ·which you took off. b erva– tion of this rul will h lp you normon ly in m tering th correct turning mov m nt above th b r. ot that the left