Athletics of To-Day for Women

254 Athletics of To-day for Women and landing are much wider apart than in the case of the Eastern Cut-Off style. For the vVestem Roll style of jumping the approach run must be carefully measur d. I suggest I2 yards from starting mark to take-off mark merely as an experimental basis from which to work out your own approach run. Make your take-off mark about 3 ft. in front of a line directly under the cros bar. Th n, on an angle of 45°, measur off eight yards and put down a eh ck mark, th n another four yards and put down your starting mark. On the approach, try to reach the check mark in three strides from the starting mark; you should then reach the take-off mark, with the jumping foot, in four more strides from the check mark. You must, of FJG. 53 FJG. SZ course,