Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Running High Jump 257 mer ly of body suppling and general toning up of the muscles. At the beginning of the season always rest for two days before a ompetition, and later in the sea on you may find it necessary to take as much as three days' r st b fore you compete. H re is a ugge tion for your training during the period in \Vhich competitions are taking plac pretty regularly: MONDAY.-Exerci cs to stretch the muscl s and loosen the joint . Hopping on take-off leg, or a y jumps. Practise run up to tak -of£ several tim s. low trotting with pl nty of spring in stride to str ngth n the leg mu 1 s. High kicking with light pring and jumping leg hanging. T ESDAY.-Mu cle stretching and joint loos ning. High kicking. Half a dozen jump for form at a height you can c rtain of cl aring. Half , dozen approach runs to taJ~e-off. \VEDNESD Y.-R st or ea y worJ~, in h1ding high kicking with sin1ultan ous light spring off ground. Tn P. DAY.-Mu cl str tching and joint loosening. High kicking, tanding. print 20 yards at thr e-quart r pe d twic . i.· r ight jum s for form at saf cl aranc h ight. Tr t 250 yard . l 1 1UDAY.-Hcst. ATURD Y.-Mu 1 str tching and joint. 1 osening. High ki king. omp tition, or trial t se what h ight you an 1 ar.