Athletics of To-Day for Women

(t' l'l. -ti· TR \INING. N 25:.~· 203. SHACt.ING. America's 1928 Olympic girls trotting to loosen the r muscles after the voyage to .\m~terdam. 209. HAND INSTRUC- TION. The author coaching British University athletes. 210. M AB EL REICHARDT, U.S.A., practi~ing the Discus at Amsterdam, 1928. Note her training suit. 211. D. BoEKMAR, U.S.A., OLYMPIC TEAM, 1928, practising the upside-down ~printer's peddling exercise. 212. HIGH KICKING FOR HIGH juMPERS. Left C. Maguire, former U.S A. record holder, S fr. 0 ~ in., and, right, J. Shiley, American record holder, S h. 3 ~ ins., who tied for third place at Amsterdam, 1928.