Athletics of To-Day for Women

20 Athletics of To-day for Women 3, Eleanor Egg, St. Bonaventures, Patcrson, New Jersey; 4, Anna Polick, South Parks, Chicago. THROW! GB SEBALL.- 248 ft. r in., Glora Russell, North California A.A., Eureka, California ; 2, Fay Langford, Dallas, Texas ; 3, Lillian I elly, Millrose A.A., ew York. ; 4, Dorothy Ogren, South Parks, Chicago. LB. HOT PuT.- 42 ft. 3 ins., Rcna l\IcDonald, Boston ; 2, Eleanor Egg, St. Bonaventures, aterson, ew Jersey; 3, Ev lyn F rrera, Illinois Women's A.C., Chicago ; 4, Fannie Weising r, Dallas, Texas. J VELI TnRow.-ro ft. 5 ins., E telle Hill, Prudential Assurance A.A., cwark, N w J rsey ; 2, •ay Langford, Dallas, Texas ; 3, Rcna l\IcDonald, B ston S.A. ; 3, Glora Russcll, Eureka, California. THROWING Drscus.-r r 3 ft. 4 ins., R na McDonald, Boston S.A. ; 2, Dee Boeckmann, St. Louis, Missouri ; 3, E elyn Ferr ra, Illinois Women's A.C., Chicago; 4, Glora Russell, Eureka, alifornia. Roumania is one of the small countries which managed to send a couple of women athletes to the last Olympiad, but they have, as yet, no separate organisation for women, whose athletic progress is slow, bccaus the main attention of the Federation d s ocieties portive de Roumanie is at present cone ntrated upon the production of good male thlet s. In ulgaria, a nation not repre ented at all at the last Olympi d, the people are v ry keen about their women's fforts, although the ladies have not yet a separat organi– sation of their own. The first women's m eting was to hav b n held in September, rgzg, but the bad weather did not permit of its taking place, wherefore the only ulgarian records available are those for the young girls' athletic games h Id in May of that y ar under the auspice of th ofi.a port District. All these girls were under zo years of ag ; ov r that age, ind ed, mo t girls in Bulgaria play tennis r ba k t-ball. We hav , hm ever, al o the r ords mad by mbryo physic 1 instructors undergoing the cour es organis d by the Ministry of ublic Instruction. General women's record are publi hed in the Appendix. Th history f woman' d v lopment in sport goes right back to th lib ration of ulgaria in I 7 , inc wh n h i r m m– b r d a th omp nion of man in kating, but p rh p the participation in one s sonal sport must not be consid red