Athletics of To-Day for Women

J'L. r. • r • ''·· THE FIRST WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL CONTESTS, MONT CARLO, 1921 and 1922. 1. EARLY FRENCH HuRDLERS, 1920. Germ:tine Oelapierre, and Therese Brult.!, trammg for the first Women's International. 2. 60 METRES FiNAL, 1921. Mary Lines, G.B., is seen beating her countrywomen, \Vright, Hall, and Cast, and Oelapierre, France. 3. LoNe ju"'tP, 1921. Mile. Maugars, France, competing in the Long jump. 4. 6S METRES HuRDLES, 1922. The competitors shown from right to left are Beunz, France, 3rd; Laloz, France; Wright, G.B., 1st; Hatt, G.B., 2nd; Delapierre, France.