Athletics of To-Day for Women

England's Triumphant Start 33 was still in use, and the method of throwing was the old one with the tail of the weapon balanced upon the fingers. HIGH Ju IP.-r, Hatt (G.B.), 4ft. 5 i ins. ; 2, Birchenough (G.B.) ; 3, Maugars (F.). All jump din the old-fashion d "scissor "si.yle. LoNG JuMP.-I, Walk r (G.B .), I4 ft. II t ins. ; 2, Lines (G.B. ), 14ft. 8 in . ; 3, ai.i. (G.B.). Upon the following day, October 31, rgzr, there came, at the invitation of Mme. Milliat, to the alle Pousset in the Boulevard des Italiens in Paris, the representatives of women's athletic sport from Great Britain, the United tates of America, France, Czecho- lovakia, Italy, and pain. At that meeting it was decided to ere te a world-wide organisation, to be called the F d 'ration portive Feminine Int rnationale, to make smooth the relations b tw en the xisting w men's federations in all countri s. This fir t ongr s elaborated regulations and fixed the organi ation and administration of a universal group. Technical rules for individual and collective sports w re unified, and the cla ical v nts were decided upon. The F. . .I. stat d its 1 im to be the only body able to pass women's worl 's r cord , in accordance with the metric ystem and Anglo-American measure . Early in the following y ar the Amateur Athletic Associa– tion, the supreme governing body of athl tic sport in England, announced, having r gard to the in r ing int r st then b ing taken in worn n' port, th ir willingne s to agr e to th formation of a Worn n' Amateur thl tic A sociation. Major W. B. Marchant, of the R g nt tr t olyt chnic, and Mr. Palm r join d fore s in th work of pr p ring f r th formation of the new a sociation, and among th ir k n st help rs w re rigadi r-General . ]. K nti h, .M. ., ..0., Mrs. . C. Eliott-Lynn (now Lady H ath), Mr . V. M. ambridge, who b cam Hon. nd Mr. J. M. Thomson, who becam Hon. er tary. The d clar d aims and obj cts of th n wly constituted W.A.A.A. wer : (r) The co-ordination and ontrol of women's athl tic in England. (z) Th nsurance that worn n hould comp t only in uitabl urrounding and d irabl condi– tions. (3) h r gistr tion of duly authentic t d n tional