Athletics of To-Day for Women

PL. 3· c 34· THE FIRST WOMEN'S WORLD GAMES, PARIS, 1922. 9. SwEARING THE OATH OF AMATEURISM. Left to right- U.S.A., Great Britain, Czecho-Slovakia, and Switzerland. 10. 100 YARDS FINAL From right to left Callebout, G.B., 1st; Prost, France, 4th; Lines, G.B., 3rd; Mejzlikova 11, Czecho-Slovakia, 2nd. 11. 1000 METRES FINAL. Breard, France, beating her country-woman, Lenoir, after a desperate struggle. 12. 60 METRES FINAL Right to left-Mejzlikova ll, Czecho-Slovakia, 1st; Calleboul, G.B., 3rd; Prost, France, -lth; Lines, G.B., 2nd. 13. 300 METRES FINAL. Mary Lines winning from her fellow Britisher, Miss Cast.