Athletics of To-Day for Women

40 Athletics of To-day for Women s ction of the Hern Hill Ilarri r . The final point as follows: K.A. ., 20; H.II.H., IS ; E.L.A. ., I2 ; .. C., 7· The match i specially mentioned as being the f1r ·t of its kind in England, and also because, in connection with it, there were decided the first English Women's Champion hip ever held. These resulted as follow , and in the course of the furlong final Miss Lines knocked yet another fifth of as cond off the world's record she had set up three days arli r: LI H WoME 's HA IPIONSHIP EvE. TS, I922 I20 R S URDLES (I flights 2 fi. 6in .).-I, D. \Vright, L.O.A.. ; 2, H. Hat.t, L. . . . ; 3, •. Johnson, E.L.A.C. In hes ; 5 yds. 2ot secs. 22 YARDS 'L T.-I, I. Lines, L. .A.. , 2, . E. allebout, L.O.A.C. ; 3, J. Lm., man, L. .A.. ; 4, . 1. a t, L. .A. . Three yards ; inch s. 26t secs. The year I923 was in v ry way an important one. France, Gr at ritain, U..A., Lithuania, z cho- lovakia, Jug - lavia, B lgium, Italy, and witz rland w r alr ady affiliat l to the Fed ration portiv F'minin Int rnational , but th r wer still such countri as ermany, Au tria, wh had held h r fir t worn n's champion hip m eting in I I , ~inland and wed n, both countri with worn n' athl tic r ord dating back to I I3, Poland, oumania, Esthonia, t ia, Holland, and outh America all activ ly inter st din th promotion of worn n' thl tics, but not as y t affiliat d to th gov rning