Athletics of To-Day for Women

previous best, and but three inches short of the world's record held by Mejzlikova II. The High Jump yielded an even more surpri ing result. At that time the world' record of 4 ft. ro} in . was held jointly by l\1i eine, U. . ., and Mrs. . Eliott-Lynn, .B. In the inter-club match the Engli h record holder cleared just 4 3 ft., and that great st of Britain's all-round girl athl tes, •lor nee irch nouO'h, tied for second pl ce with Mi s H. Hatt at 4 ft ins., whil hylli reen, ju t a schoolgirl, with long flowing hair, w nt on to clear 4ft. rr~ in . and qual Mlle. Van Truyen's world' record, and the 5 It., whi h old– timers amongst the men had sai would never be beaten by a woman, was something more than mer ly in sight. It mu t be remembered, moreov r, that Phyllis Gr en jumped without any pretension to the highly t chnical " turn and lay-out" styl . Two oth r world's r rd w r broken in th cour of that meeting, Mis fanton, who t ok the hot Put at 56ft. rr ins., winning the iscus (both h nds <~ggr gat ) at I.f2 ft., but, ev n so, b ating 1 r nee Birch nourrh by only ~ in . fi I. \Vil on' J av lin hrow (both hand aggr g, t ) of 15 ft. ro in. ., beat by 2ft. 9l ins. the worl 's r cor made t n 1nonth arlier by 1\111 . ro limond, witz rland, while l\1is Walker fail by only a fifth f a on to e u 1 fi I att's recor of I4! sec . in the roo yard IIurdl . Th Third nnual •ngli h hampi n hip me tin,. w~ h 1 on July rr at .. tamf rd )ridg , and ight f th twelv hang d hand , a h althy ign f the wid ramification. ( the worn n's athl tic movem nt throughout the land. \Vorll's re ord wa brol-en by Phyllis reen, wh leared 5 ft. in the IIirrh Jump, while Manor ark A.C. (Mi se R. Thompson, . M ell r, W. mith, and L. Gamble), eo red the 6 o yard Relay di tance in I min. rg, sec ., defeating the Midclle x Ladie and the London lympiade . In th I alf Mil run Mi Tri k y qualle the worl ' r cor mad by l\Iary Lin at th ry t .. l pt mber 30, 1922. l\Iiss Tri k y