Athletics of To-Day for Women

53 and Mollie Trinn ll, f Scarboro Junction, ntario, wa 1 et d captain. Mo t of t.h girls wh " made th t m " w r w ll known in anada as player of ba ket-ball and hockey, and there were al o ome fir t-class ice-women among them. Every thing po sible wa done to send them overseas with the feeling that i.he honour of their country re ted in their hands. They were grant d the honour of wearing the Canadian Olympic kit of s arlet ock , scarl t knicker , and white jer y edged with s arlet and b aring a maple leaf in scarl t on the breast. Mr. P. J. l\1ulqueen, a leader of Canadian sport, pre– sented them with a mascot just before th y embarked, an that mascot was a ry famous scarlet ice-hockey flag, Canada having won the ice hockey tournament at the Olympic Games in 1924. The girl arriv d in England well in advance of the Inter- national. he late am Mussabini took charge of the track girls, and, alth ugh he was a profes ional oach, refused to tak a penny pi ce for hi s rvi nd I was appointed amateur oach to th fi ld vent girl . If thos ana i n w r a fair ampl of their sex, then I have not th slight st h it tion in r affirming that it is a gr at d 1 a ier to t ach thl tic to women than to men. The Cana– ian had tr ng pr -con i id as about technique, but once th y \ r hown wher , and told why, they w r going wrong th y spar d no ains t put them lves right. The improvem nt th y pr duce in th pac of a week or ten day was remarkabl , but th tuition p ri w s too short to make many drastic chang in tyl s which were not yielding th best re ults of whi h ome of the girl w re capable. Mollie Trinnell proved hers lf a v ry fine discu thrower, and big J an od on (Pictur 141) h d all the making of a great hot putt r, but both of th m had to be broken of th trick of d li ring th mis ile in th middle of the rev r e, that is to ay, wh n both f et were off the ground. oth achieved xc ll nt r suits in practic , but reverted somewhat to the fault of th ir original form under the stre s of com– petition. Hazel Conacher were a couple of first-