Athletics of To-Day for Women

PL. 5· TRIANGULAR INTERNATIONAL: GREAT BRITAIN, CZECHO-SLOVAKIA, D 54· \NO C.\NADA, 1925. 18. 250 METRES FiNAL. Vera Palmer, G.B., winning from Kay Flanagan, Canada, and Miss Streater, G.B., in world's record time, 33 • secs. 19. 100 YARDS HuRDLES FINAL Right to left-Hilda~Hatt, G.B., 1st; Grace Connacher, Canada, 3rd; Phyllis Ball, G.B., 2nd; and Velma Springstead, Canada, 4th. 20. THE CANADIAN TEAM. From left to right- Back row: C. Ballard, G. Connacher, H. Connacher, and M. Trinnell (Capt.). Front row: j. Godson, V. SpringstPad, G. Wood, J. Dyment, M. Cook, and K. Flanagan. 21. THE BRITISH T EA'\1, led by Miss Florence Birchenough. 22. CzEcHo-SLOVAKIA, followed by Canada and Great Britain.